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Fresh Music Friday: Aitch, Chris James, SOMOH & More!

The weekend brings so many good things, and of course, one of them is new music! Yes, our busy bees, you heard us right. It’s that time again for Fresh Music Friday! So sit tight and get those ears ready for some sweet new tunes in this week’s round-up! This Friday, we have some sweet remixes, new EPs, and some great singles from Aitch, Chris James, SOMOH, and more!

Aitch – ‘Baby’ feat. Ashanti (Hamza Remix)

Here at THP HQ, we love reimagined spins on iconic 2000s hits, and this remix of Aitch’s version of the track really makes us buzz. And with Aitch’s recent collaborations, we are not surprised at how flawlessly this remix moves through our ears. Hamza adds a smooth verse to the already chill song and a flow so familiar and harmonious we’ve had his remix on repeat! BRB, we have to go listen just one more time. 

Listen to ‘Baby’ feat. Ashanti (Hamza Remix) here!


Kleo – I Love This Movie

Giving us the perfect soundtrack for our main character moment, Kleo’s newest EP I Love This Movie is an ode to the images music creates. Kleo describes movies as something that helped her “frame my worldview and scale up my emotions.” That quote gives just a glimpse of the moving lyrics and almost haunting sound that envelops this project. Kleo helps paint pictures as clear as the movies she’s inspired by, feeding us the nostalgia of past times and hope for the future all at once. 

Listen to I Love This Movie here!


Jack Kane – ‘Something More’

“Well, I know I’m alive, but I’m not really living,” from the opening line, we knew Jack Kane was about to lay down some truths in his newest single, ‘Something More.’ Describing that feeling so many have when they don’t know exactly what they need, but they know they need ‘Something More’ to really be content, this song follows someone who is on the journey of finding what that something is.

As we stumble through trying to figure out life, the lyricism of this track just hits different, and it’s going right up there with songs that describe our lives at the moment. Does anyone else feel a main character moment brewing?

Listen to ‘Something More’ here!


SOMOH – ‘I Know You Care’ 

Not everyone shows emotion the same way, but if you really know a person, you may know that deep down, they do care, even if their actions show something different. And SOMOH’s lyricism in her newest single delivers that situation perfectly.

The somber tune matches the vibes of someone who is tired of making excuses as to why the other’s actions aren’t matching to their words. The haunting repeat of the track’s namesake lyrics, “I know you care, but you don’t show it well,” helps to draw the emotion SOMOH is emitting from the overall feeling of the single, helping her pave her way into our hearts and minds to sit as a mirror to our inner thoughts and feelings.

Listen to ‘I Know You Care’ here!

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Chris James – ‘I Wanna Feel Good’ featuring gnash

Okay, someone must’ve given Chris James a seat in our secret “hive-away” because the lyrics to his new single are so relatable it’s scary. Reminding us how unalone we actually are in our feelings and how un-foreign they may be, even if they feel like an intrusion, Chris and gnash hit home with this one.

An upbeat little jam that makes up want to get out of bed and prove the lyrics wrong as we go through the daily motions of our day, ‘I Wanna Feel Good’ is a nice add to our morning tunes to help us start the day on a good foot.

Listen to I Wanna Feel Good’ featuring gnash here!


Do you have a new favorite track that came out this fabulous Fresh Music Friday? Buzz over to the comments below or give us a shout over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! We can also be found on Facebook and Instagram

Want more fresh finds? We gotchu.

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