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Kali Uchis Net Worth 2023: Latin Pop Star’s Fortune Explored Ahead of New Album Release

Kali Uchis is dominating the pop music industry today because of her unique sound and the way she expresses herself through fashion. Since the musician has been successful over the past few years, many fans are wondering how much her fortune is worth today.

According to Wealthy Gorilla, the pop star’s estimated net worth as of 2023 is $4 million. Her revenue mainly comes from music streams, album sales, and tour ticket sales. However, it wasn’t always that way for her.

In a previous interview with High Snobiety, the 28-year-old musician revealed that she started making money by doing mixtape artworks, doing music videos, and holding photoshoots for other people, she did all of these when she was a teenager.

The reason why she wanted to earn money so badly was because of her desire to leave her house and “become emancipated.”

“I was living out of my car and my friends’ houses while I was finishing high school. I was just trying to make money out of my passions and really stay creative with how I made that money,” she told the outlet.

Aside from the jobs mentioned above, she also did side hustles like selling clothes at the back of her car. She did everything while working on her own music and writing poetry because it was a creative outlet for her.

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She finally decided to put out the music she created and the response from critics was mostly positive, leading her to amass many fans and rise with other in-demand artists in the music industry.

Kali Uchis New Album 2023

Today, the Latin pop star is gearing up for the release of her upcoming album titled “Red Moon in Venus,” which will be available for streaming and purchase starting on March 3, 2023.

Releasing via her record label, Geffen Records, the musician shared the meaning of her upcoming album in a press release, saying the record is “a timeless, burning expression of desire, heartbreak, faith, and honesty, reflecting the divine femininity of the moon and Venus.”

Her next project is expected to revolve around the topic of “love” at all levels, from releasing people with love to loving one’s self.

Aside from a new album, Kali Uchis will also embark on a tour across North America which will begin this April. For the complete tour dates and more information about tickets, visit the singer’s official website here.

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